Hiccups in kangaroo simulation

Hi all.

I’m having some “hiccups” with Bouncy solver.
The forces are static, I’ve cut down the solution to be simpler, but still I see inconstant speed.
The movement of those few particles is not smooth.
hiccups.gh (20.2 KB)

Any ideas?

Hi Riccardo,

The exact speed the solver runs at will vary a bit depending on which other processes are running on your machine.
Because of the way Windows handles tasks/threads, this can even vary from one moment to the next (I think particularly so with something multithreaded like Kangaroo). In something like a racing game where consistent physics speed is essential, you’d pad each iteration to maintain the same rate despite varying calculation time, but in Kangaroo I was just aiming to keep things interactive and lively looking, without worrying about exactly consistent rate.
What you can do though is record the output data then play it back at a steady speed.
This can be either as animations made with the StepSolver, or for within Grasshopper, recording with the DataRecorder then stepping through those recorded frames with the trigger.

I will give instant-by-instant the input forces with a xbox pad (replaced by a MD slider in the file), and instant-by-instant look at the result. I cannot record and run it later.

I have no other (heavy) processes running in the machine, I’ve tried also increase priority for Rhino executable, no change.

This is strange, because I have another almost identical definition that does not have this behavior.
I can restart rhino, restart the pc, one definition have hiccups, the other not.