Hi Res Jpeg from Material Texture

Hi There,

I’m helping a colleague to map a photograph of the surface of the moon to a sphere which will be printed onto a 7m diameter illuminated balloon.

I have followed this suggestion here and I now have 18 segments of the squished surface with the mapped texture.

I’m now trying to export the 2D material texture to send to print, without losing image quality. The original texture is a large 1.8gb image measuring 22m in width at 72dpi. The image is too large to upload here.

Is there a way of doing this?
I have used the Print Image option and I’m trying to stitch the image together in 1m x 1m segments (because it’s so large) but I’m losing alot of the definition

Moon Test.3dm (5.9 MB)

The definition should look like this at A4

I’m getting something more along the lines of this which looks terrible!:

Any help, would be greatly appreciated - even if to say it’s a lost cause and beyond the remit of Rhino!
Many thanks,

Hi Vicki - if you are using Print > Image file, you can set the output resolution there - have you tried boosting that? Does it make any difference?