Hexagonal grid Join

Hello. I’m trying to join my hexagone cells grid on a loft. It’s working but I don’t want to have the loft “line” on the grid. I’ve tried to make it disappear but it select the wrong line. Can someone help me ?
Thanks for your answers.

hexagones cells def.gh (10.4 KB) loft hexagone cells.3dm (69.4 KB)

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Cells are polylines what you mean by join them ?
And You can select them by the same method

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hexagones cells def_re.gh (23.6 KB)

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Thanks a lot ! You saved me ! :wink:

I mean that when I want to select “hexagonal cells” I don’t want to select the loft curve too. But HS_Kim answered to my question. Thanks for your answer !

You can also use this, i think there are many threads with solutions about this problem

hexagones cells def2.gh (13.6 KB)


Yep your right ! That’s also really interesting and maybe better for what I want to do.
Thanks a lot !