Hex Grid around Surface

I am attempting to recreate the Kreod structure as part of a precedent study for University but the tutorials and guides don’t seem to be working for me. I cannot even get a coarse mesh to wrap around the shape correctly! Looking for any sort of guidance as to how the shape might have been achieved with the lite version of evolute as it claims to have been done


I am essentially trying to recreate this process

I recommend you to watch the Ball Packing / Circle Packing example in our learning center: http://www.evolute.at/software-en/evolutetools-for-rhino/learning-center.html
Essentially you will need to create an initial mesh which you then optimize for closeness and the circle packing property. It is not straightforward to come up with a triangle mesh connectivity that will allow you to fulfill all boundary constraints, you will need to play around and gain some experience.
I also recommend you to read about the theory behind these circle packings here: http://www.evolute.at/technology-en/scientific-publications.html?id=30

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