[HELP] Workflow Rhinoceros 5.4.1 to Blender 2.8

Hey, I wanted to export .OBJ file to keep layers from Rhino in Blender. But when importing to Blender nothing shows and layers don’t work also. Here are screenshots of export process:

I also tried it in Windows enviroment and nothing changes. Another weird thing is that the .OBJ file is 920MB in size.

Thanks anyone for any advice in advance

See this Blender add-on https://blenderartists.org/t/import-rhinoceros-3d-files-into-blender/1136070

If you use obj, I suggest using material names to group objects instead of layers. It’s a workaround bit can help. I haven’t tested the 3dm import add on Mac (I’m not sure if it can be installed there in the same way) but it works well in Windows.

My importer indeed will help here. It will read your 3dm files into Blender 2.80.

Is material supported in the last exporter.py?
Last time i tried it everything works except the material which was created via shader nodes in Grasshopper.
All i got was a black material (everything was created with bsdf) in blender.
But everything else works well. Version 2.0

Please attach a small GH definition that creates this material that doesn’t come through correctly.

And what is this exporter.py you talk of?

Hi jesterKing

here are two screenshots and the grasshopper material, i am sure i have done something wrong…but i dont know what.

Shader.gh (13.4 KB)

Ah, but that is currently an unsupported material. Although that is a representation of a Cycles material there is no provision for understanding the embedded XML in the custom render material (Cycles Xml material). It could work somewhat if I added a reasonable simulation of the XML, but that is currently not on the roadmap at all. Any custom RenderMaterial that does a proper simulation of itself as an ON_Material will be able to be imported by import_3dm.

That said, it is best to stick with regular Rhino materials created in the materials editor of Rhino.

Thanks for the Info

i tested it and it works but the material need to be assign to the object not to the layer