Help with realistic powder recoating simulation

I need to create a powder recoating simulation in Rhino/Grasshopper. I’m pretty new to this so i would appreciate some help here. I already created a box of spheres which can be ‘opened’ so that the spheres drop to the ground and spread because of the collisions with the ground and themselves. The final result is always flat… but i would need a powder heap. What do i have to add to create a powder heap? Friction? Forces between particles? How do i create non solid spheres?

Thanks a lot for you incoming help! :slight_smile:

There are tons of similar topics. Here’s one that simulates the collision in 2D.

Thanks for your reply!
Do you have some more input on physically realistic 3D collisions?

To make powder form heaps, it would need some friction. Here’s a go at some adhesion for granular materials - (10.2 KB)


Thanks a lot @DanielPiker !
I have some trouble opening your document correctly. I receive some error messages as you can see in my screenshots and that results on some file errors. Could you help me out here please?


Which Rhino version and service release are you running?
Updating to the current one should fix this.

Im running Rhino 6 and it says there is no update available. :confused:
Any ideas?

After installing Rhino 7 i can finally open all files. I’ve worked on my simulation and would need some help please. As you can see in my file, i managed to generate spheres which drop to the bottom and collide. I would like to add a force between all spheres to mimic cohesion forces. Aswell i would like to make the spheres deform a bit while colliding. How can i make use of the rigid modules in my case? (38.4 KB)