Folding-out - 7-sided polygon

Hello there Forum.
I’m trying to create a file that folds out a 7-sided polygon shape (see the photo) using a Slider (shown in the coloured circle).
Unfortunately, I can’t get it final fold to work correctly using a ‘point on curve’.
Also, my polar-array doesn’t seem to want to work.
Can you suggest a solution(s)?
7_sided_poly.3dm (48.8 KB)

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You’ll need to upload your gh file as well if you want people to comment on it.

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Lampshade (28.0 KB)
…Nope, this is the file…

This seems to be the crux of the problem…I think

Like this?

Folding-out - 7-sided (10.9 KB)

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Hello there @Dani_Abalde. This looks promising.
Thank you.
It does seem to deliver - with the Cos and Sin and Pi…it’s smart and I’m actually struggling to see how you’ve created it.
One thing was the final fold-out shape (see image)which was different.

Another issue is my potential to adapt it to include additional fold (see photo).

My concern is, I’m not experienced enough to use and adapt the algorithm.
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Use kangaroo then. Search about origami with kangaroo or other folding examples.

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Thank you. Will do,sounds promising @Dani_Abalde
Thanks for the work

Hello there @seghierkhaled
I’m playing with this now…trying to back-engineering it and it looks nice.
Thank you for your effort.

If what you are starting from is a 3d triangulated mesh which you know is developable, then flattening it in Kangaroo can be very simple like this: (10.7 KB)
If you want to go the other way, from flat to folded, it is also possible, but takes a bit more setup, depending on whether you want to control the motion by moving points or setting different folds as mountains and valleys.

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Hello again @seghierkhaled

If I can explore further: Do you have any pointers for adding additional folds - as shown?
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Check this, i think you can use the same method to add more triangles and the intersection between the sphere and the circle give 2 points, choose one of them to change fold direction. (23.4 KB)

And check this


Hello there @seghierkhaled
This is very intriguing.
Crane and Kangaroo look like great plug-ins.
Much to learn.
Thank you for your musings
Kind regards,

Hello ago @seghierkhaled.
This is the first time I’ve seen ‘relays’ used.
Can you offer an explanation please?

You can also give it a name to make your definition easy to explore


Hello there @seghierkhaled.
It’s me again…
I’ve tried to de-engineer your solution with varying degrees of success…and failure.
Anyway, it’s a really nice way you’ve used.
I’m now trying to add the other layer of triangles - as you outline above. Unfortunately, I’m still struggling with the ‘sphere interaction’ - re: why and how you used it? Can you offer a more detailed breakdown of the technique you used…and perhaps where to add the additional triangle?
Ultimately, there will be an addition slider so the size of the additional triangle can be changed…but I seem to be going in circles…
Can you help again?
ps. I haven’t tried Crane yet.

Using this method for complex folding is not quick task, and there are many ways
for extra triangle i am not sure if you can add more and use the same method, you need to try and understand it
for the sphere is like when you draw a triangle with known dimensions and you use two arcs in 2d , in this case we use sphere because the point move in Z direction
Try Crane i think will create it easily

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Check this i use another way and you can add more triangles , try to make it better and simple
You can flip folding direction (46.8 KB)


This is incredible @seghierkhaled.
Really skillfully crafted. It’ll take me a while to study and play with the flexibility.
Thank you for your time and effort with this…a great result

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