Help with Name within Object Properties

Quick question that hopefully somebody can answer with some ease.

I have had some work submitted to me that I am more than a little suspicious of if it has been bought rather than been created by the person who sent me it.

Parts of the file are Mesh’s rather than polysurfaces, which is the usual way we work. When selecting a Mesh part, in the object properties ‘Name’, it is named as Rhinoceros Binary STL (Sep 24 2023).

Has anybody come across this?

It seems very strange as work on the file supposedly only started in January, so I’m unsure why a date of Sept 23 would be there.


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I exported a part just now and the name is the date of the Rhino build.

Martin, thanks for the fast reply. I’ve just done the same as you have and it does likewise, so that helps me understanding why it is named that way.

Thanks again