Object names in windows layer

I have searched for this info but cannot find it so hope I have now wasted anyones time.
I came to Rhino7 from Corel Draw and am used to having the facility of seeng an object name in the layers window. It is very useful for some types of modelling that I do (eg subtle differences in item size for the same appearance.
Is there some way in which I can get objcet names to show in the layers window, I know about sub-layers but being lazy…

Hi -

That is not possible, no. You can dock the Properties and the Layers panels side-by-side or above each other so that you can see the object’s name in the Properties panel while still having complete overview of the layers.

Aren’t you ashamed that this is the only answer you have?

Are you seriously saying that I should get nightmares over this and get sleep-deprived?? Get a life, Al.

I’ve got a fine life. It just hasn’t involved the ability to review Rhino object names in a convenient user-friendly way for the entire two decades I’ve been using Rhino: a feature that is included in most competitive CAD software and been requested repeatedly by many users over those same 20 years.

I don’t think there would be much user benefit to your nightmares and sleep deprivation, but if it motivates you to advocate in product planning meetings for this feature on behalf of Rhino users everywhere then I guess it’s worth it.

Pity, one gets used to it. Sorry if I stirred up the mud…