Help with my script for Calatrava train station/ Accordion shape

Hi, was following this tutorial and dont know why mine isnt turning out like the video does

Calatrava Train Station Modelling Parametric (25.2 KB)

eventually i want to make this accordion shape on grasshopper (see attached image), would be greatful for any help or suggestions for this, thanks!


You are trying to Loft a grafted input. And you have selected ‘Draw wireframe preview geometry’ instead of ‘Draw shaded preview geometry’, which makes the loft invisible.

Calatrava Train (25.4 KB)

Without the plugin, I can only guess what you’re trying to do after this Loft but I’ll hazard a guess that Split Brep will do the job without Pufferfish.

P.S. Perhaps something like this? (white group)

Calatrava Train (31.2 KB)

Ah thank you yes this helps! Was having issues with rhino recognizing the plugin so splitbrep is a good alternative

Your shape is interesting, I congratulate you on getting as far as you did. Pretty cool.

I took another look at the code I posted yesterday and made a few more changes, adding the option to treat the three sides as ‘Three surfaces’ or ‘One polysurface’ (Value List in blue group).

Calatrava Train (34.0 KB)

I was curious about the visible creases in the loft and whether there is any difference between the two methods, but when I baked the results, the creases are plainly visible in both. Same as yesterday.

So I tried Sweep 2 instead of Loft and the result looks much better, with and without zebra surface analysis. Loft is in background (top), sweep is in foreground (bottom).

Calatrava Train (34.4 KB)