Help with moving a cube using Kangaroo 2


Can someone tell me why the cube is not moving when I drag the control point that is above the cube? I have attached the rhino and grasshopper files but let me know if there is any other info I could share. Thank you in advance!
Kangaroo (12.7 KB)
Kangaroo Practice.3dm (2.1 MB)

I’m not exactly sure what the goal of your simulation is.

In general, I would suggest to use the rigid body goal if points need to be attached to a brep.

The anchor goal has two point inputs. The first one is the point which is also plugged into the rigid body goal. The target point is a moved point which can be the original point moved in Grasshopper or a second referenced point from Rhino.

To keep data sorted nicely, I use the entwine component. This allows extracting the data after the solver using tree branch components.

Kangaroo Practice.3dm (52.0 KB)
Kangaroo (19.6 KB)

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Hi Martin,

Thank you for your response and proposed solution. I am trying to learn how to use Kangaroo so I am starting with a very basic exercise that the AI suggested for me by making a simple cube move. So the grasshopper diagram is all from what the AI suggested however we could not figure out why the cube wasn’t moving.

Thank you you for your files. Would you be able to save them for Rhino 7? I don’t have Rhino 8 at the moment

I thought I uploaded a Rhino 7 file. Here’s a second try:

Kangaroo Practice 7.3dm (50.7 KB)

Thanks Martin. Do I also need have your .gh file as well?

You should be able to open the grasshopper file.