Help with making curved finger holds on a handle



model handle.3dm (105.4 KB)
final (hopefully) booleaned together 4 with nose, clips, holder for switch, fan, bottom clip, filter and holder for motor no naked edges 3.3dm (4.4 MB)

I need to create some finger holds on the handle on the final piece. I can wire cut the shape of the finger holds out of the handle but there’s always naked edges on the inside of the finger hold which I can’t seem to get rid of. The finger holds I want to create are in the ‘model handle’ attachment. The main difference between the ‘model handle’ attachment and the ‘final…’ attachment is that the final attachment has a thickness in the handle whereas the ‘model handle’ doesn’t. I’ve been trying to complete this project for many weeks and help to get over the last hurdles would be helpful. If anyone could please help that would be great!


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Kyran - I see no nakeds on the handle in the larger file, that has one finger-grip cut into it.

this thing looks fine, so far:

It might be better if the outer part were all one cylinder instead of having the split near the bottom but I don’t think that will affect the cuts you want to make.



Hi Pascal,

But whenever I try and use wirecut to cut out the finger holds it says there’s naked edges that I can’t get rid of. Any ideas?


(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Kyran- in your larger model the cutting curves are deep enough that they cut into the core of the handle. You need to be careful about how you draw these so when they push through and cut the material of the handle, they leave some thickness. Yours are red here, I suggest using something more like the green - that leaves at least a little thickness at the base of the cut, but I’d make the inner core a little smaller to keep the thickness a little greater at the minimum.

There are other/better ways to get at this, I would say, but given where you are now in the project, I’d do it as I indicate, I think.

Does that help at all?



Hi Pascal,

Yes it does help, thank you. Do you know why when I try to make a round hole on a curved surface it changes some things (especially in shape) of the overall model? I’m trying to create some screw holes so that I can join the head together when it goes off to print? (I’m going to split the head and handle into 2 pieces so that I can put the components in easier.)

(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi Kyran - I guess I’d need to see an example, but my guess of the moment is the render/shading mesh is what is changing. You might try tightening up the display meshing inDocumentProperties> Mesh page.



Hi Pascal,

What happens is when I try and make a cylinder going through the top of the head, split it so it looks neat, cut off the excess, and then make a through hole going through the middle of that cylinder, it moves parts of the nose and head slightly and I don’t know why. The objects aren’t made of mesh so I don’t think it’d be that.



Can you see how the shape of the mouth, and therefore, the head has changed shape?

Any ideas?