Help with loose loft on a hull (rapid ship hull methodology)

loose_loft_containership.3dm (1.8 MB)

can anyone tell me how i could make the hull better by changing the master curves? are the curves i have made good enough? thanks

Hello your loft looks pretty clean to me - is there some data that you are trying to hit exactly? Otherwise, I don’t know what to suggest to change - the surface looks pretty good to me.


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Hello and thanks for the reply!
What i am looking for is to have a similar shape as the hull on the first layer. I am doing this so that i will be able to create the hull parametrically in grasshopper from these master curves. The only problem is that i havent made it to be exactly as the as the hull given in layer 1.

It is difficult or frequently impossible to match an arbitrary shape using only a few curves, unless the original shape was created using only a few curves and you understand how it was created.

I see. Do you think it would be wise to work with the hull i have created? I mean will it share the same characteristics more or less?

Depends on what characteristics and how closely they need to match. Can you analyze the base hull and compare it to the hull you created?

I just need to have something realistic (in this case a containership hull). The next goal is to make it parametrically and be able to change its length/beam/ dead rise angle etc. But i am not sure if what i made is still a containership’s hull.

I am not sure if i can analyze it. What i have thought is to play a little with the control points of the loft surface to get it closer to the original.

An alternative method to vary the hull shape is to use CageEdit starting with the original hull model. For simple changes to length and beam BoxEdit can be used.