Help with creating the deck surface from a curve network Tutorial Boat

I’m completing all the exercises in the user manual, today I am at tutorial loft & sweep-boat. I keep having trouble with the deck surface from a curve network. Can someone explain to me why I am not creating a curve network.
There are no images to help with this problem to help trouble shoot.
Content16:Tutorial: Loft Sweep-Boat: Rhino User's Guide

Screen shot of section that keeps failing
“create the deck surface from a curve network” :

File attached.
RhinoVictoryfailNetworksurface.3dm (2.3 MB)

Hello- these are the four curves to surface-


Green and white are the edge curves of the side surfaces.

The problem is, in your example, the tip of the center, blue, curve misses the ends of the green and white.
You just need to snap that end control point.


Perfect, thanks. I’ll try that now.