Grid division with attractor + surface creation


Firs of all, as I am a new member here, I would like to say hello to the whole grasshopper community on this forum :slight_smile:.

I have decided to write here, since I was attempting to create a grid division pattern with curve attractor and then creating surface out of it. The curve attractor is related to proximity of the Evaluate Curve patameter, that goes through the mid point of the Hexagon Grid cells. Then, based on that, I generate triangles and build up arcs, whose radius I want to control accordingly. Yet I have three issues to ask:

  1. When I am trying to rotate the surfaces that I have created from arcs, I set a Origin point in the middle of a Hexagon and use Polar Array Tool, but the rotation seems to be glitched. It seems fine when we’re talking about curves, but starts to be an issue when trying to create surface from that. Any ideas on that ? See image.

File w/ Surfaces: Circular Grid Attractor Pattern SURFACES (23.2 KB)

  1. Is there any way to put an upper limit of the radius, so that the radiuses don’t overlap ? See Image.

  1. I tried also to work on a proper set of commands for curve attractor on the grid, but it seams to be very rigid - when the pattern openings are satisfactory, the area of effect is only one or two elements. See image.

File w/ Curves: Circular Grid Attractor Pattern CURVES (22.6 KB)

I would be extremely grateful for some comments / feedbacks / remarks.


I’m not 100% clear on what you are looking for (I think it might actually be the inverse of what I have given), but at least the file attached might provide a little more direction.

You didn’t internalise your curve, so I had to recreate a new one.

I disables your script, and moved it to the top.

Circular Grid Attractor Pattern CURVES (28.5 KB)

If I may suggest a simpler way: (13.9 KB)

After some inspiration from (AKA, stealing part of) the very good solution from Aris and using TriGrid, I thought I would fix my definition. This includes limits to the radius to avoid overlapping.

Circular Grid Attractor Pattern CURVES (16.2 KB)

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Thanks Adam for your kind words.
The good thing about ideas is that -unlike materials- sharing doesn’t require dividing!
So I stole a few ideas from you as well. :slight_smile:

I tried to make a definition where you can control the range of the curve in absolute distance and also the fading. (19.0 KB)