How to make solid (Open polysurface to solid)

How can I make solid (Open polysurface to solid) in rhino. Attached my Rhino file.

Spoiler 0 deg final.3dm (1.8 MB)

Hi Het, what is your end goal? Are you wanting to 3D print it? You have several pieces to this spoiler. The brackets are missing some surfaces before they are a closed poly srf . Some bracketing is separate from the spoiler altogether. —-Mark

@Het Was this model created in Rhino or imported from other software? Somehow several separate objects were “joined” into one object to create a non-manifold object.

Non-manifold objects should be avoided in Rhino unless there is a specific reason.

A solid in Rhino is a set of surfaces which form a closed volume. All edges of surfaces are joined to one other edge.

My suggestion is to Explode the model, and then for each individual object Join the surfaces which correspond to that object. You can use ShowEdges to find naked edges.

Adding to what has already been said, you should also know that you have an invalid polysurface. After exploding as David suggests you can run SelBadObjects and Rhino will select the one bad surface. That surface can be fixed by running untrim command with the option KeepTrimObjects=Yes and then retrim that surface with boundary curve untrim gave you.

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