Help: Troubleshooting a hiccup in a tutorial

Hello All,

So I’m new to grasshopper and love it’s potential for making my jewelry line more dynamic. I have been reading the primer, doing tutorials, and thinking in a new way about Rhino. I like how it forces me to think more closely about all of the details I can usually do work around or ignore in rhino. =) anyhow!

Name: A Twisted shenk bezel set ring with pave melee

Hangup: First the tutorial is more of a demo and therefore without instruction. That is fine but all of the gentlemen’s notes are in what looks like a Russian or Eastern European alphabet.

There comes a point in the tutorial where we take a series of polygons along a curve, from a segment of a circle, twist the polygons, grab control points, connect nurb curves, pull curves to a surface, that surface is a pipe, that pipe is connected to a profile curve for the curvature of the ring shenk or base. Confusing? I hope I explained that portion right.

The issue is, when I bend the “profile curve” there seems to be a point where the Nurbs curves that surround the pipe refuse to stay uniform “twisted” around the pipe.

Here are my Rhino3D files and my Grasshopper files.

ring.tutorial.twisted.stone.forums.3dm (35.9 KB) (26.0 KB)

I’ve been following the demo second by second trying to follow the user’s logic, and it has been a really helpful experience. I feel like i’m hung up on something small that I’ve missed. Perhaps a direction of a curve, or a seem? I did have to do a few small work around because I was unable to see some of the references that the user was calling upon. He has a full list of commands that are above his workflow on the canvas that I can’t quite make out.

Thank you very much community! Someone always seems to swing by and save the day.


You might kick yourself but it is because your spiral (white) is following a different curve (path) than your pipe (blue) so when you pull it pulls to the closest part of the pipe - you see why you get those results (pink).

Look in your definition at the two curves you are using.

I’m filled with joy. Thank you so much! Earnestly. I forgot to delete, and re-input from the desired new curve. You really relaxed me hahah.

This reminds me of looking through lines of Visual Basics =)

Seriously! Saved my afternoon.