HELP : Simmetryzing a face scan - script

Hi guys anyone has thought or script that can help me to find the best symmetrical plane of a face scan?
I’m thinking of using Galapagos, but I wont spend time in trial.

Appears that you should spend waaaaaaaaay more time than you think (the 2008 paper is a classic).

PointCloud_BO_SymmPlane.pdf (554.0 KB) PointCloud_BO_SymmPlane_Thesis.pdf (5.6 MB)

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I know isn’t a simple subject.
I’ll take a look at them.
thanks to pointing me out to this.

BTW: Given the fact that LIDAR reverse engineering gains momentum (for instance: lot’s of big old days plants urgently need a digital BIM/PLM representation [NOT via meshes obviously]) the symmetry puzzle is a big thing. Thus is most unlikely that you can find a real-life solution for more than obvious resons.