Help removing self-intersecting part of subd

Hi. I have made a subd-shape in which a part of the subd intersects with it self. Is there a way to remove the self-intersecting part? Either still as a subd or as a nurbs?


As I cannot post files/pictures I’ll try to describe the problemer better. Imagine a large letter J as a subd-volume where the end of the “hook” turns back towards and into the main straight part. I would like to cut only the part that goes into the main.

I would use Mesh command to covert the SubD into a polygon mesh. Then I would use MeshSelfIntersect command to make polylines at the edges of self-intersections. I would use these polylines in MeshSplit, MeshTrim, or SplitMeshWithCurve command. (The last time I used SplitMeshWithCurve command, it did not work on any mesh.) When the mesh looks good, you can use ToSubD command to convert the mesh back into SubD object.

You can post links to WeTransfer or Google drive files of something similar.

Alternatively, couldn’t you convert the Subd from Smooth to Box mode to help you see the problem and pull the self intersecting part apart?

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