Open subD object

I’m New to the subD world and have been working to get myself educated.
I’ve encountered a problem while working and was wondering if any one can tell me how to close this object? I’m thinking that it may not have been closed after converting it to subD from nurbs. The process I followed was to mesh the nurbs, then take the mesh and convert to subD then do a quad remesh. Im finding that There’s no way to get a subD obect from nurbs without getting loads of faces and maintain the original shape. Can any of you subD gurus help?


cutter.3dm (224.7 KB)

Analyze, Show edges:

An example for a hole:

Edge combine through the command Stitch.

I’m getting a command line that says invalid input geometry when I use stitch.

Hi Paul,

To get a SubD from a NURBS model, use QuadRemesh on the NURBS then ToSubD on that. If you make sure the NURBS model is closed, it should stay that way through the process generally but depending on the QuadRemesh settings you may need to fix some stuff as @inju mentioned. Bridge and Fill would be some other commands for closing holes in a SubD. MergeFaces can also be useful for removing edges.

Regarding Stitch, can you show which two groups of edges you are selecting?

Hi Brian

Were you able to close it?
I slected the edges on one side aand then selected the edges on the other side and then got an Invalid Input Geometry .

I wasn’t sure which spot you were working on… but yes, it’s all fixable as shown in the video below. The model is a bit of a mess though so I had to insert an edge and move edges away to see what was what. I used sub-object selection with ctrl+shift to do that.


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Thank you Both. I did find some overlapping edges and had to add vertices to make it work .
I also took the original and followed Brian’s instructions regarding creating the subD object and was AMAZED

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