Help recreating PBR material of gelcoat

So, I have been trying to recreate the gelcoat finish in renders for a while now, and I never quite get it to the right appearance IMO

this blend of reflect and opaque that the composite boat finish creates, with stuff well lit being sharp reflected from a certain distance but getting diffuse really quickly with distance or lack of illumination.

I want to create a material that I can change the color to match the color I need without having to re do most of the work, I’ve done something close with keyshot but if I change from white to any other color it is all gone, + I want to make it happen in Rhino WiP to add to F4R material list.

I’ve tried a few tutorials from youtube, and I managed to get some of the other stuff quite good, but this that seen to be the easiest, with no texture at all, has proven to be the hardest for me to represent

Thank you.

EDIT: I “erased” some info from the picture that would identify the boat and I am not sure I could share it like this.

It’s hard to tell the effect you’re after from that image. At a guess, I’d suggest using the Clearcoat PBR setting.

Well lit objects around the boat reflect almost mirror like. But medium lit to in shadow objects aren’t reflected at all.

I will try to figure a way to represent better what I mean.

Meanwhile I will work with the clear coat setting to see if I get where I want

how did you make out?