Help, python for Rhino dosen't show the results

Hello there,

I’m just start to lern python for Rhino on my Mac. But when I typ the
print (“hello world”)
in the Rhino python editor, there is no result been shown in the Output field.
ps. Rhino version 6 (6.27.20176.04592, 2020-06-24)

Thanks for your help!


Hi @sdyger92,

The Python editor on macOS is kinda sucky in Rhino. It doesn’t display anything under Output, but instead prints to the Command history (no idea what else this is called)!

I don’t know what the output section in the editor is supposed to do (Windows Rhino editor doesn’t have it) but printing to the “command result area” is correct - “print” prints to the command line (Windows) and that tiny little area is all Mac Rhino has in that regard… I suppose the output section in the editor may be there to address this shortcoming, but maybe it isn’t hooked up yet.