Help on naked edges

Hi all,

I am new in 3D and was wondering how do you guys proceed in cases like the one in the screenshot? I had two surfaces merged into one but they are really not “one”. I wish I could be more technically precise.
EDIT: adding .3dm as indicated, thank you! NakedEdges.3dm (9.1 MB)

I moved your question to the Rhino category.

Questions such as this one usually receive better answers if a .3dm file with the geometry is included. The file can be uploaded by dragging it to where posts are typed, or by clicking on the vertical arrow icon above where posts are typed.

MatchSrf can be used to bring edges close enough to be joined.

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Thank you. I am trying to get a solid out of that model. Originally it was containing meshes which I’m turning into surfaces (via MeshToNURB, to later join them). Unfortunately I cannot MatchSrf anything now as they are part of the same surface.

I guess I need to get familiar with all these concepts, as I am blocked now and cannot move on w/o any 3D background, unfortunately.

Hello - please see

Rhino deals with surfaces and polysurfaces (Joined edge to edge). To work at the surface level, you need to Explode or ExtractSrf the polysurface faces. That sais, if the goal is to make something smooth, MeshToNurbs is not going to be your friend, but V7 ToSubD might.


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