Help needed: add to "never-repeat commands" list via script


I have been trying to figure out a way to add a command to the never-repeat list via script, and because of the way they are remembered in Options, I am having hard time with this one.

With a great help from this forum I was able to figure out how to get/set most of the Advanced Options in Rhino via Python code. And to some degree can do the same with this one, but the list is remembered as two parameters: 1) count of never-repeat commands; 2) individual commands, numbered, as their own options items.

Here is my code to check for the number of commands and to list them:

import scriptcontext as sc
import Rhino
import Rhino.ApplicationSettings as appsettings

settings = Rhino.PlugIns.PlugIn.GetPluginSettings(Rhino.RhinoApp.CurrentRhinoId, False)
dontrepeat = settings.GetChild("Options").GetChild("DontRepeatCommand")

for i in range(0, count-1):
    if i < 10:
    commands += dontrepeat.GetString("DontRepeat_" + prefix + str(i))+" "

print "don't repeat count:" + str(count)
print "don't repeat commands: " + commands

But how would I go about adding another one to the list? Is there a way to add a key to this list using similar code to the above? Would I need to manually change the commands count then? Or maybe should I look into editing the settings xml file directly?

This is how they look in Advanced Options, and the code above uses same names to read the settings:

A secondary question that may affect the code above - in a very unlikely scenario with less than 10 commands, would the entry still keep the 0 prefix before the single digit? And what if we are more than 100 (doubt it would ever happen) - would they change to 001, 002… etc.?

My main goal for now is to add a command to that list from code.
@stevebaer, @nathanletwory - since you helped a lot with figuring out accessing the Advanced Options maybe you could with this one too ?



This is probably an easier way to access and set this list


Phew, glad I first started testing a bug fix before looking into this :smiley: Saves me from even trying to script this through the advanced options…

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Great, thanks! I will give it a shot - from the help description it looks like it will be much easier that way indeed :slight_smile:

Thanks again @stevebaer, this works:

    import Rhino.ApplicationSettings as appsettings
    from System import Array

    #get list of never repeat commands
    neverrepeat = appsettings.NeverRepeatList.CommandNames()

    #add command to the list
    neverrepeat_new = list(neverrepeat)

    #update the list

Hello @Jarek,

How to use python set the idle processor command to run? I want to set command to run with idle processing. Thank you.

I know the macro: _-Options _IdleProcessor _Enabled=Yes _Seconds=300 _EnterEnd

Hi Alen,
I am not sure how to access that setting via RhinoCommon in Python, but you can use rhinoscriptsyntax and use rs.Command to pass your macro there.


Thanks for your help.

How to use rhinoscriptsyntax to pass my macro there?

here is a sample for the help file:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
rs.Command("_Line 0,0,0 2,2,2")
rs.Command("_Line _Pause _Pause")

Hi @Jarek,

I want to add IncrementalSave command to idle processing, but I cant find any code with python.

Hi Alen,
I can’t find anything relevant; I don’t see it anywhere in Advanced Options that can be accessed via Python. It is possible that this is not exposed anywhere. Sorry, I don’t know the answer.