Help Modeling a Spoon for an Exam!

First of all, I have checked out How to create a spoon? and am still struggling with making a spoon in rhino. I have an exam coming up where I will have to accurately model an unknown utensil in under 3 hours and my teacher has told me that it is important that I learn how to model a spoon if I wish to pass. If anyone is able to look over my rhino file and help me understand where I’m going wrong and what the fasted and easiest method is to do this then I would be very happy. I’m still new to rhino so please be kind!

File is here…

For some reason my reply landed to a different thread. See if this helps:

Here is another way to make a spoon:

  1. Extrude the red curve (both sides)
  2. join and Extrude the black curves (both sides)
  3. ChangeDegree on the surface from step 1 from 1X3 to 4X3
  4. turn on RecordHistory and trim the surface from
    step 1 with the surface from step 2.
  5. Hide the surface from step 2

Now turn on control points and edit to create the scoop of the spoon. Only a few control points need to be moved. After you get the shape you want you
can use offsetSrf (loose=yes solid=yes) to finish the spoon