Help me finish a script...baking points back into my Rhino model

Hi all,

I inherited a grasshopper script that I need some help finishing. It’s been years since I’ve used GH and I’m pretty rusty - hoping someone can point me in the right direction!

The script shown takes a series of points (copied from an excel file) and maps them into 3D space. From the “mirror” command, the person who created this script attached the “geometry” output to a command that generated a mesh from the points.

However, I do not want to generate a mesh from the points. I want to simply take the points that are input into the “construct point” function, map them into the rhino model using this script, and then bake them so that they are a series of points in 3D space in my Rhino model.

Is there any function that I could connect the “geometry” output (from the mirror command) to in order to bring those points into the model?

Thanks for your help


Download Elefront plugin from PackageManager and use Bake Objects component.

Or, if are only going to perform that action once, right click on your Mirror component and select Bake.