Help: lost all Rhino settings

Something weird just happened in the middle of working with Rhino - it reset itself and all my settings (not toolbars, but “Options” customizations) are gone… Is there any way to get them back? What files would I look for in my ongoing backup to possibly restore it?

thank you,


The file should be located here:


And should be named something like Scheme__Default.xml (unless you have created a different scheme name…) Is that file still there or do you have a backup?


Mitch - thanks a lot! I was able to get yesterday’s version from Carbonite backup, both for Default scheme and Windows positions. All back to normal. I have never seen this happening before… all went bust in the middle of working on a regular file. Without the backup it would be a real bummer.
I appreciate your quick help! Back to work…


Yowch… hope that doesn’t happen often! Glad you’re back up and running!

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