Help: How to delete the points near the edge line

As shown below, filter out the points near the edge of the blue circle

I import the field grounding frame, project it onto the plane with the project, then cover it, and use the populate Geometry growth point

The easiest way to do that is to offset inwards (*) any given boundary (if this is possible: i.e. if yields a valid result [Karma a must]) and use it for rnd pt population … otherwise you should test each pt for crv proximity etc etc.

(*) if a closed crv orientation is clockwise a pos T value yields an inwards result. So you may need a DotProduct test for a safe result.

Thank you for your help!

You may need the attached as well (but Karma in crv R offset is a must anyway). (120.5 KB)

BTW: This C# is NOT the Jack of all trades … but let’s say that’s “close” at least VS simple cases like the parcel boundaries that you have (assuming that are valid Curves + no self Ccx events + no tiny segments + … blah, blah)

Hhhok,is so cool.Thank you very much