Removing points from a certain distance to edges

Hello gurus

I have been wrestling a while with this definition to eliminate the points near the edges of the mesh. I like how I can control the density of the points (towards the edges more dense) but there should be a threshold near the edges where all the points are culled. Let´s say 30mm from the edges there should be 0 points, even though the density towards the edges is growing on rest of the area.

I tried with Shape In Brep by sweeping cylinders along the edge curves (lines) but only managed to make it work with one of the cylinders what ever I tried. No grafting or flattening gave the right outcome.

Then I tried to modify the original numeric point scattering section of the definition (which is attached here) but can´t figure out how to do it. I assume some additional modificator (like a simple Addition or subtraction) to some of the number streams would bring the effect of a threshold for the dots culling, but I don´t understand the logic well enough.

Any working solution would be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

-J (13.9 KB)

I’m not sure I follow exactly, but how about offsetting the initial faces, before populating with points?

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Well damn, this looks perfect!

Didn´t think that approach at all. Surely cleverly simple.


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