Help Downloading Plugins: Plankton, Exoskeleton2, MeshMachine

It seems no one has resolved the issue of how to properly install the plugins Plankton, Exoskeleton2, and MeshMachine from the source: meshmash · GitHub

I’m currently running Rhino7 with Windows 11.

I download the zip files and extract them to

After restarting Rhino and opening Grasshopper, this error pops up.

I’ve read through countless threads and none clearly outline the proper way to unpackage these components. Most recent threads regarding the issue seem to be from 2017 - 2020 at the earliest. However nothing recent as of 2023. Rhino 7 has since updated and so has the interface of Windows 11.
I understand the “unblock” aspect within the file properties when it comes to importing plugins, however I do not see a .gh or .dll file to unblock to begin with.

Could someone please clearly articulate the process instead of forwarding an outdated forum?
Many thanks in advance!

I know understand the new “PackageManager” command within Rhino7. I was able to download Plankton through this command.
However, I’m still unable to get the Exoskeleton2 and MeshMachine components within Grasshopper.
Any thoughts on how to download these plugins?

Hi @Dzteny

What you need is to add (and unblock) the PlanktonGh.dll file to the same directory.
Here’s a zip with all 3 files (45.0 KB)

As for why it was this way:
gha file types are actually just dll files with the extension changed.
For Grasshopper to load the Plankton custom data type correctly it needs it to be a gha.
However, in VS there was no straightforward way to reference a gha, so MeshMachine and Exoskeleton2 referenced the dll. So to get both the Plankton parameter component working and MeshMachine, you needed both the dll and the gha (even though they are actually exactly the same file except for the name and extension).

I know it’s convoluted and annoying.
TriRemesh and MultiPipe are more up-to-date tools providing similar functionality, and without these awkward referencing issues.


Thank you for your response and explanation Daniel!

I had downloaded Plankton and Exoskeleton back in 2021 on my laptop and was looking to redownload to my PC. Ultimately I ended up just transferring the files via USB as a work around. Truthfully I was mostly interested in the Exoskeleton plugin as I was revisiting a previous script. However it’s great to know that TriRemesh and MultiPipe serve as alternatives going forward.