Help - Convert Curve to a Single Line by Length

All i need is a way to convert a curve to a single line by length. To do this manually i use “length” command to extract from the curve and then copy and paste the length value into a single line. Is there any way to make this easier? Thank you!

Hello - start the Line command and set the start point, then, while still inside the Line command, type ‘length’ and enter, then select the curve and enter again - the line will be constrained to the length of that curve - place the end point and done.


Omg! Thxxx @pascal!!!

Just to fill out my answer, Length, ‘Distance’, ‘Radius’ Diameter all works as nested commands to set a number in many commands - for example setting the radius in Fillet and you want it to be the same as an existing fillet or arc or curve of unknown radius.