Help: Bug? Clipped Objects Print Display Settings don't show up


Help… I have a Print Display problem with clipped objects in Rhino 8.
I have keyboard short cut for Print Display Toggle for > State On / Off, and with that I usually toggle previews as I work. Suddenly overnight, only in Layouts, in my Detail viewport, my clipped objects don’t show the correct line weight and colour when I toggle state on and off. In model space though, it shows up.

In Model Space - Print Display > State Off.

Print Display > State On

Layer Settings:

In Layouts:
State Off

State On ( as you can see the clipped Object remains blue even after I set the print colour to black and next to that a non-clipped object and it changes to black)

I seem to only be having this problem in layout details with clipped objects

hi @Vivian_Kwok can you run _SystemInfo in Rhino and post back the results? pls share the model that shows the behavior, that makes it much easier to track down the issue.