Why won't this polysurface offset as a solid correctly? (Trying to make it 3mm thick)

I generated this surface using Grasshopper and am wanting to 3d print it, so I would like to offset the surface as a solid to give it thickness. Each time I try to do it though, some of the surfaces within the polysurface behave strangely.

I should also add that I’m trying to offset it toward the downward direction.

Zaha Hadid Polysurface - Offset.3dm (11.4 MB)

Hello - what is the offset distance? Are you offsetting ‘inward’ or outward? Can you offset the mesh or SubD that generated the polysurface instead of the polysurface? It seems OK here at 1 unit outward, what is the problem you found?



if all you need to do is thicken for printing, mesh the surface, then offset the mesh using the solid option. this is a super useful hack for getting to prints quickly.

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Hey, Thanks for the advice. hadn’t considered these solutions. Have now created a mesh and offset as a solid. This seems to have worked. I was offsetting inward by 3mm. For some reason this was failing to create a solid. Not sure what made the difference for you.

Thanks Kyle, the quick fix was great advice, appreciate it. Definitely a useful hack. slight_smile:

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