Hello! I need help with these parametric panel any ideas please

This thread was just bumped after 8 months that may help. An amazing coincidence.

it is always better to give source of materials !! It is Fuma Cabinet, it seems to be hand crafted


I’d say a noise without details on a mesh could do the tricks

Some exaggeration with Graph Mapper could help

noise on mesh.gh (18.2 KB)

Reaction diffusion is also cool, but it depends on the face size.

Nautilus Plugin components.


Laurent thank you so much for your help this is what I needed. One more question can this be applied to a surface?

Yes and no, a surface is made via control points so in theory you can apply the displacement to the points if there are enough points.

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These are really cool effects, Laurent! The first one that looks like big bubbles all over, especially
To follow up on Juan’s question, could you please share some insights on applying this effect to just one surface?

For example, a on a brep with many faces, I just want these patterns on one of them.
Of course, I would mesh that face to apply your method
But then I’m not sure how to connect the pattern (in mesh form) back to the brep (the borders won’t line up)

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For the surface transition I think it is another subject because you certainly have to apply some fading (displacement is 0 near the frontier). Some example were given on this forum.

or @Joseph_Oster example here

and surely others.

Post a geometry if you want an example for your problem.

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That one refers to this one:

And this one is similar:

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thanks! Laurent appreciate it.

Thanks for your help! I’m working on understanding your files now