Hello everyone! presentations and questions!

Good morning,
my name is Luca Milito, I’m a go kart designer and I have always designed karts using Rhino on windows.
Yesterday I have downloaded the mac version and I have noticed a problem: I cannot snap on the same polyline under construction…(everything is on…) it snaps only the construction points on top of lines…
…sorry for my perfect english…:slight_smile: Thank you!

Can you post the polyline in a 3dm file that you can’t snap to? Project might be on in the Osnaps at a guess?

The poly is a simple sketch… Anyway here it is :smile:
Whit Project on, nothing has changed… Now I try it in win version just out of curiosity…
Sketch.3dm (39.6 KB)

Same problem in win version…

Hi Luca- Point osnap should locate previous inputs to the current polyline, but the other snaps do not work until the polyline is completed and has been added as a an object to the document. Is that what you meant?


Thanks for the file. Osnaps are working here… can you explain your problem again? I’ve reread the description and looked over the file but I’m still confused.

Exactly that! So thats why…
Thank you!

@pascal solved the quest :smile: