Hello Comrades ! what kind of packing is this?

I wanted to start this as fully parametric and control the factor too.
I can understand the mid-point can be used for Hexagonal packing but yes the factor in the way the spin around is little mystery.

Looking some ideas to understand the factors better !

You asked already this question

You can surely replicate this with 2 spirals going on opposite direction plus some circles

Then a deformation like swirl

When trying to replicate a pattern it is good to analyse it by little parts. Draw the circles. The spirals … then search if it is attractor swirl bend taper …

Some further investigation
You can recreate quite exactly the non deformed pattern with 2 logarithmic spirals. I use my Nautilus plugin that has some spirals.
So one spiral with radius1 = 76 to 200 and angle of 66° and the other an angle of 56°.
Plus a polar array with 90 spirals arms.

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