Helix rhino Mac hélice

hello, I try to understand how can I do to make an helix with a form who stay the same until te beginning to the end… Someone can help me?
Please look the rhino file,

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Nicolastest.3dm (2.7 MB)

Is this not just a regular helix made with the Helix command?

Yes it is done with the simple helix but I don’t arrive to make an helix with the square and that it stay right
Thanks a lot

Hello - I am not sure I understand the request yet but possibly something like the attached file?

Helix_Maybe.3dm (38.6 KB)



thank you pascal Goley but it is not what I would like to mean…
please find what I searchimages

As a start, use the command “Spiral” to create the basic cone. Then copy the spiral in the vertical, at a distance equal to the step height. Create a vertical square with two points touching on the ends of both spiral curves, and use Sweep2 to create the shape. You will have to experiment a bit to get the top and bottom parts right.

I do not know what exactly you are designing, but keep in mind that a shape like this has an ever increasing steepness towards the top.


edit: procedure changed to get a more accurate shape.

thanks a lot, it is exactly what I was searching :wink: