Heightfield doesn't work with my image

I’m trying to use Heightfield command with this image. Do you know why is not working?
Lucatest.zip (27.8 KB)

it’s a blank image… (or, at least on my computer, the downloaded file is appearing blank)

[EDIT] a long shot but, i’m curious if you’re thinking the image is a grey&white checkerboard pattern? if so, that pattern is used by many image editors/viewers to represent a transparent background but isn’t a part of the image itself.

here’s what i see in pixelmator: it’s empty

Hi Luca,
There are different types of TIFF files.
The particular format does not work in Rhino.

We opened your TIFF in Corel Paint Shop.
We saved it as TIF, PNG, & JPG.
They work with the HeightField now.

Mary Fugier
McNeel Technical Support

test images.zip (59.0 KB)