Heightfield doesn't work with my image


I’m trying to use Heightfield command with this image. Do you know why is not working?
Lucatest.zip (27.8 KB)


it’s a blank image… (or, at least on my computer, the downloaded file is appearing blank)

[EDIT] a long shot but, i’m curious if you’re thinking the image is a grey&white checkerboard pattern? if so, that pattern is used by many image editors/viewers to represent a transparent background but isn’t a part of the image itself.

here’s what i see in pixelmator: it’s empty

(Mary Ann Fugier) #3

Hi Luca,
There are different types of TIFF files.
The particular format does not work in Rhino.

We opened your TIFF in Corel Paint Shop.
We saved it as TIF, PNG, & JPG.
They work with the HeightField now.

Mary Fugier
McNeel Technical Support

test images.zip (59.0 KB)