Height restrained inflation with kangaroo


inspired by this discussion I thought about weather kangaroo might be a helpful tool to tackle following problem:
A normal inflated soap-film has the tendency to get a little pointy in the areas, which are furthest from the anchors.

It would be great if there was a second force acting on the vertices, restraining them from getting too far away. The goal is to have control where the the surface is most curved - more on the edge or more in the middle.

I came up with a simple vertical spring/line-goal :

but somehow the surface is a bit uneven and wavy :arrow_up: and the control is a bit cumbersome, with the need to adjust 2 sliders…

pillowy_kangaroo_height_limited.gh (67.7 KB)
any suggestions? many thanks!

pillowy_kangaroo_height_limited2.gh (66.2 KB)
Perhaps something like this?
It pulls points to a set height with an OnPlane goal.
Here with the LiveSoap goal, but the same idea could also be applied without the remeshing.


thanks for the help :smiley: