How to soften Soap Film minimum surface

Hello guys,

as the name of the topic says, I would like to kindly ask you for your help. I want to imitate mambrane shape by using soap film in kangaroo. I think Im quite there but I have problem with the softness of resulting surface. How can I make it softer? Any help or ideas is appreciated, files attached. Thank you in advance!

! (13.8 KB)

Rhino.3dm (7.3 MB)

When relaxing a mesh, it is important that the mesh you create before feeding it into Kangaroo has nice triangles (the closer to even sizes and equal angles the better).
I tweaked the mesh settings to improve this, and also added some zero length springs for the edges. The soap-film goal on its own can be a bit tricky to work with - since it has no in-plane stiffness. If you aren’t seeking exactly zero mean curvature, but just want a tensile membrane surface, then it is much easier to use zero length springs. (22.8 KB)

Firstly, Thank you!

I’m not sure why, but your file didn’t worked for me. Every time I tried to relax shape, surface disappeared. And mesh was also completely broken. I refined it but with no luck to get relaxed surface by kangaroo solver.


Anyways, your points were valid, so I was able to refine the mesh and the surface. I still get some small fragments at the shorter edge but I will try to correct it later. Its because the triangles get a bit deformed after relaxation.



File is attached. (17.8 KB)