Hebrew (right to left) capability in text?

is there any way to get this capability other than typing backwards as I do now?

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or mirroring lol … actually forget that , nor does rotate do it

Hei - we have a wish list item for right-to-left text - it’s currently on the Rhino 7 list: RH-3829.

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Hello Aviva,

Maybe as a work around try copy / pasting the text into the text box.

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p.s. Tried it on my English system and it did not work.

Do you need to get the characters back in reverse order? This command will prompt for a text string and then copy the reverse into the clipboard:
! -_RunPythonScript "import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs;rs.ClipboardText(rs.StringBox()[::-1])"
For instance, entering Hello, World! copies !dlroW ,olleH to the clipboard
You can attach it to a button or to a keyboard shortcut.



Graham, going to try that ASAP! thanks

Great - let me know how you get on. There are plenty of possible variants e.g. creating a textobject with the given text, …
To expand on the Python script a little it is basically doing this:

import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs
text_LTR = rs.StringBox() # Get some text
text_RTL = text_LTR[::-1] # reverse it using slice notation
rs.ClipboardText(text_RTL) # copy it to the clipboard
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I do hope you’re impressed with yourself… cuz I sure am. :1st_place_medal::trophy::trophy::trophy: Thanks a MILLION

lol I put the button in the Mesh menu tab by accident - how can I move it into another tab?

thanks again

You are very welcome :smiley:
Hold shift and drag to move the button

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and be very careful to get it into the proper tab correctly by moving it a drop under or you will just delete it

Yes thank you Graham.

I can not use the Rhino because there is no Arabic language for writing
is there a solution ?

With Unicode being built into/recognized by all major operating systems now, can RTL scripts please be addressed? The bug fix that @wim mentioned above has been on the books since at least 2015.

What’s more frustrating is that the Text Object dialog box recognizes the correct direction of Hebrew and Arabic scripts when typing directly or pasting in, but as soon as the text object is placed in the viewport it’s reversed. This shouldn’t need to be addressed by a Python hack, however useful a solution that is. Any chance this can be resolved by the release of v.8?

Hi -

I’m afraid that, as things stand right now, no, that’s not likely.