Right to left text bug

text dots flip right to left text
text tool is fine

Thanks . Noam

Thanks for this report, sorry for the delay in response. I’m unable to reproduce it using the English language pack so it may be specific to the font. This is something custom you added to Windows right? What’s the name of it if so?

hello. you can probobly create it without installing anything. just write "virtual hebrew(or arabic , amhari) keyboard.
write something. copy paste. I think it’s simple to add languages to windows but not an expert
if it was a font issue why would it not be in the text tool as well?
Thanks Brian. Camelworks


Hi Noam - I see this across the board from virtual Hebrew


In V5 I get this:

(Text wrong, Dot & TextObject correct.)


yes ,me too. At least for the last version. this is the wrong direction. in rhino 5 when you use the text tool this works as it should (not considering punctuation, which is complex even for some text editors). I have a small gh file for flipping text in grashopper but I am sure
you can do better. if you want i can test arabic as well, maybe amharic ( from etiopia).

You are right same here. Did not know text object was text object(thught it was text).
p.s : if you could somehow detect when someone is writing in a diffrent language in one of the text tools then
switch back to english or the rhino command language of choice that would be amazing.
on window alt+shift switchs the language. in mac os its command + space I think.
Cheers. Noam

It gets Better. Now when I print text it flips it again.
so I write normal, see flipped , and then get the print normal.

Hello. this issue had to be fixed for a project we have that has a lot of tempates.
I made this little grasshopper defenition . It flips the text and keeps the numbers the same way.
also allows line spacing. if you need special caracters it needs to be added .
maybe you can extract this to rhinocommon ?flip hebrew.gh (16.6 KB)