Heavy file with split brep?

Hello, I am trying to dsplay this curved surface in shapediver, but it is apparently too heavy to be displayed correctly when I upload it. Is there any other way to have a lighter file? Refer to file attached please.
Thank you very much!

tondo_test4.gh (18.4 KB)

Hi @Alessia_Fancelli,

Operating in surfaces and breps normally takes a lot of computation time so you need to find a different way to make your computation time faster.

In this tutorial I explain different methods to optimize intersections: https://youtu.be/OgG0tYzrfcw?feature=shared

In this tutorial I explain the difference between meshes and breps and why you should try to make your operations in meshes: https://youtu.be/J9brpIf6Qyg?feature=shared

I am attaching your GH model with a few changes I made to make your definition faster:
tondo_test4_sdReview.gh (35.3 KB)

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Hi Edwin and thank you so much!
Just one more problem: when I try to upload the file to Shapediver, I get this message:
Plugin ClipperComponents, Version, AssemblyVersion can not be used yet. The currently installed maximum version is
Is there a way to retrive the older version of the plugin? I cannot find it.
Or, in alternative, can Shapediver implement it on the online visualizer?
Many thanks to you and your collegues.

Through the package manager you can get older versions:

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