HDRI Haven (free HDRIs)

For anyone needing high quality HDRIs, Greg Zaal, the creator of HDRI Haven, recently announced his collection is available for free! Here’s more info on his reason for doing so: https://blog.hdrihaven.com/2017/10/01/why-the-change/


Greg is a great guy. I’ll definitely will use some of his work to test RhinoCycles.

What is the recommended workflow in Rhino (Cycles) for using 134Megapixel textures?
Because even using the 8k images Rhino starts telling me I’m being irresponsible every time I save the file:

I hesitate to check the box, because I worry I’ll never get this warning again and I might care about it someday in the future.

And using rustig_koppie_8k.hdr I’m getting distinct pink overtones in the result. Do I need to tweak these hdr files or are they supposed to "just work"™ upon download?

I don’t really have an opinion on that. If you really care about size you’d save without embedding stuff, and deliver the textures separately. But that is of course another form of PITA.

I noticed btw that the EXR files from HDRi Haven need resaving, since Rhino won’t load them readily (https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-41747), at least not on my machine. Possibly OpenEXR needs updating.

The pink is more likely a bug in the shader conversion. If you are on latest you should for now just enable the environment as global one, for 360°, custom refl and skylight. I am working on fixing the problems with envs, though.

How do I not embed a particular texture/environment?

When saving deselect the Save Textures checkbox:


@DavidRutten, does the attached EXR work better than the HDR you used?

rustig_koppie_1k.zip (2.3 MB)

But that’s all textures. I can’t specify individually?

I don’t know, probably not. @andy ?

Yeah, certainly the luminance levels seem correct. The pink may be some weird interaction between the blue sky and the orange/brown metal material.

The pink is more likely ‘missing texture’ in Cycles, meaning my shader conversion code gets it wrong. Are you on latest WIP / master ?

Yesterday’s BOTD, I’ll update and try again.

Same deal with today’s build. The texture and environment previews in Rhino are definitely black, though the hdr file thumbnail in Windows Explorer is correct.

Then please use the EXR file, so that at least the previews go correct. And for now, before switching to Raytraced, set the environment with such nice file to be the global environment (right-click on the environment in the Environments panel, select Set as global environment.


That should work better. The pink is due to incorrect handling of reflection environment case.

Quite the eye opening blog post!..

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