View Capture - dialogue box preview doesn't match export, export is zoomed out

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My first time posting so any issues let me know!

I’m having an issue where the preview of capture viewport doesn’t match the actual export. As you can hopefully see the export is zoomed out compared to it’s preview. Any thoughts on how to fix this?


Saved image:

Thanks in advance!

Hello - I am not able to repeat that here so far - is the viewport itself also in a square aspect ratio?
can you post the file - you can put a box or rectangle or something dead simple there in place of your real stuff as long as the behavior is the same.


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for the reply. See attached model, I’m getting the same in this model as the other one I posted screenshots of.

I’m fairly certain that this started happening a few months ago, before that it was behaving how I expected it to - although it might’ve been when I switched from Rhino 5 to 6.

Screenshot of my whole Rhino view for reference:

ViewCaptureIssue.3dm (24.9 KB)

Hi Charlie - set the viewport to be not-maximized and make it a square - you can use a macro

-ViewportProperties Size 1500 1500 EnterEnd

What happens with a rectangle is that the largest dimension sets the view that is put in the square, if you see what I mean - it is not cropped.


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Thanks Pascal! This has been confusing me for months, really appreciate your helping me understand - all working well for me now.

Rhino view:

Exported Image: