BlockEdit not working, v6?

Just did an update today to Version 6 SR26 (6.26.20147.6511, 05/26/2020) - now, when I attempt to use BlockEdit (either by typing the command, clicking the button, or double-clicking on a block), I get:

Unknown command: _BlockEdit

And nothing happens.

Help? I have many title blocks that need updating…

EDIT: I have just tried restarting the machine, no luck there. It’s like it has no idea BlockEdit even exists…

Hi - In the PluginManager, when you search for BlockEdit, does it appear in the list and is Enabled?

Also, why did you tag the post with the python tag?

I don’t remember adding Python as a tag. I know I added “blocks”. Could be a glitch in the Matrix. Could be the result of doing work at midnight.

I’ll check with the PluginManager when I’m at my desk in about an hour. Thanks wim.

@ssommerv - if the plug-in is enabled, try right-clicking on it and choose ‘Load plug-in’ Does that get it running?


It was enabled, but not loaded. Right-clicking and loading it seems to have done the trick, and the change has persisted after closing and re-opening Rhino. Thank you! Must have been some update weirdness.

(Edit: I also removed the Python tag, because I’m not working at midnight today, heh.)