Have a student that needs help - need to work backwards, any help appreciated!

I have a student who needs to work backwards in order to fulfil her course reqs.
I need to be able to help her complete the following projects, but I have no idea where to start (she knows, lol)
If anyone knows where specific tutorials are regarding these things, please let me know!

  1. seating plan

  2. spiral voronoi tutorial (simple one)

  3. not sure what they are asking for here

nor here, just seems like parakeet with fattener? oof

how is their question?
this looks like a transformed spiral and sweeped different lines around. but that really depends on the question and level of question.

They are not related to voronoi.

What you mean for

ok, I think I understand what you mean. you need to reproduce these geometries and know how to make it?

first, type -_spiral in your command line and follow the instructions written in the command line to draw a spiral.
note or remember the number of points you chose for ‘turns’ in the settings during creating the spiral.

then select the spiral and type -_rebuild in your command line. A menu will appear where you can set the number of points. choose 4 times the number of turns you noted before to obtain the same triangularoid spiral.

then type -_pipe and choose a radius of your choice to obtain different results.
play a bit:
try and draw some curve near the end of the spiral, type _-sweep1, follow again the command lines instructions and move the curves around a bit to see how it behaves and what it changes.

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She can’t, I’ve tried. Unfortunately.

Regarding spiral, all she knows is that it has to be made in Grasshopper but thank you in any case.

She gave me these projects and told me she needs to do them, without any other background or information.

it’s hard to answer when you don’t know the question…

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tell me about it - I told them find another tutor :smiley: we got some of it done, at least