Hatches on surfaces?

Hello, @wim
Want to bump this topic up.

Any update on this? I’m not talking about sections, it’s already implemented.
I would like to see hatching sticked to surfaces in main views.
Is this possible?

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Yes, please!
The Technical mode outputs vectors now. Support for hatches-per-material (or per-surface) would be great!


I doubt that. It seems to work on a cube and everything more complicated is awful.

That’s true… It’s a start at least.
Maybe some ambitious lady or sir at mcneel feels like doing a first class 2d vector engine… :muscle: :innocent:

Or maybe it should be acquired. Do you think there is something out there which you can just buy and implement easily? I mean just that 2d vector engine out of 3d geometry.

Hi Screamer -

I’ve moved your post as it was fundamentally unrelated to that other topic…

Would you mind creating a more complete specification for that feature request?

Hi @wim

I believe, the image from this post represents it quite well.
But that topic went to Sections requirements eventually.
I’m thinking on assigning the hatch pattern to a surface, polysurfase or subsurface of polysurface.
And this hatch pattern will appear on the Layout’s detail with possibility to print it in a regular way.

Let’s say we have a poly surface:

and it’s drawing with several views:

Currently to have this cyan surface hatched on all views I need to click on every edge of this face to select whole border. For every single detail view.
And this is a simple model and a few views only.
This is much more painful for “adult” projects.

I would prefer to have possibility to set pattern once in Model space and have it appeared everywhere on the layout.

Hi -

Like so?

2023-12-15 Hatch on Srf


See UPD.
Yes, exactly, @wim !
Am I missed this feature in V8 already?
Ok, my apologies then.

UPD. Nooo… It’s just a regular hatch to the face?
And what about curved surface?

Well, hatches are planar - working off the border curve - you need to get into mapping and all of the associated complication to hatch a curved surface, apart from having a hatch apply to a surface, which is not yet a thing…


@pascal , I understand the complexity of displaying the hatch on the curved surface in 3D (dynamically especially).
But is it easier to implement hatching projection to the detailed view?
Like example below, but skip the process of hatch command in this workflow. Hatch pattern should be already assigned to the surface.
And the hatch itself shouldn’t be selectable, it should be a part of Detail visualization. Possible?


Hello- so the idea is to represent the flattened silhouette of a surface in a layout view, and apply a hatch to that curve in the layout, without the curves needing to be generated, correct?


Hi @pascal ,
This is exactly what I’m thinking about.
Hopefully, we’ll be able to have hatch without the Hatch command itself.
If pattern will be assigned to surface already.

Hatches (Section styles, more accurately) can currently assigned to obiects, but not invoked expect when a clipping plane is involved. Your concept is probably do-able, just a guess, but I can’t say that is a way to display hatches that I’ve encountered before - that is, not on some kind of a planar cut of an object.


In my workflow I need to create curved 3D objects with different areas marked as “textured” on the real parts. I need to create hatches on the drawings to show such areas, and this particularly is not related to the sections.
As 3D models are curved polysurfaces, I’m forced to duplicate edges, make silhoettes and MeshOutlines to get area needed. Then ChangeSpace, CurveBoolean and Hatch in layout space. But it’s too complicated, I feel it should be much easier with the workflow I’ve described.
Thank you for considering such a wish.

Hello- I get that you need this, and it makes perfect sense in the context you describe - my comment was to indicate that I am not sure there will be a, possibly considerable, development effort for this if it is not a fairly widespread need - so while I am happy to add a wish, would not want you to get your hopes up for the short term if at all. i.e. it might be worth making a script to at least ease the pain for now.


Hello, @pascal .

I understand this. Well, if you put it in the list it will be good enough.
Maybe we’ll have more similar requests from users to push it up in the list.

Unfortunately, I can’t imagen a script making this workflow easier. Picking the boundary is really unpredictable process, to my understanding.
If you have any idea, please, share. Maybe it will give me a clue.

Here’s a macro that has the steps - starting with a detail active - some scripting could probably streamline this.

! _Silhouette _Pause 
_ProjectToCPLane _Yes
_Detail _EnablePage 
_CurveBoolean _DeleteInput=_All _MultiPause
_SelLast _Hatch


Hello, @pascal

Unfortunately, not all the cases work with Silhouette, and even with MeshOutline.
Idk why. But it’s quite common case. Attached an example of such geometry.
Tried Top view.
1.3dm (392.1 KB)

Thanks, that seems like a bug.

RH-79225 Silhouette messy