Hatches in Rhino

Hey all,
is there any chance of importing common architectural hatches to my rhinofiles. More than standard patterns. Insulation and so on? And has anyone an idea where I could get those?

You can import any .pat files in Rhino. One nice source of free hatches I found is here: http://www.cadhatch.com/

Hatches belong to the file in Rhino - they are not global - so if you are going to use them all the time, you can import them into your templates and save them, that way they will always be available.


Hey Mitch,
awesome. That works. Thanks a lot.
Is there any possibility to relate the hatch to the thickness of an object. Lets say we have 2 rectangles, which different in size, but the insulation patern is always supposed to be complete? That issue occurs always when a hatch isn’t infinite, but has a certain pattern… lets say insulation, or circles, or something like that…
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You’re saying changing the hatch scale to fit the object? I suppose that might be possible to some degree with a script, although hatches can only scale in 2D, not 1D - i.e. you can’t stretch them as far as I know without exploding them into geometry. I think it would still require reading and interpreting the hatch pattern file itself to see how long it is “natively” and then scaling it, which might not be all that simple.


Hey Mitch,
2d would be fine… In the picture you see what I mean…
a different thickness of a wall produces e.g. a different scale of the hatch… that’s what is actually quite common in Architectural drawings… where can I get such a script…? Is it tough to write?
Thanks again!
Best Phil