Hatch Properties dropdown list rotated 90°

Anybody noticed this? I see this both during creation of a hatch as well as in Properties afterwards.

Hi Mitch -
It’s on purpose that the “preview” in the drop-down list is vertical. Would you prefer the “Rotation” setting to default to 90° to make that correspond? The patterns in the drop-down are static…

Huh? While I understand that the idea behind this change is (maybe) to be able to see more of the pattern in the dropdown, which do you find more readable/understandable?

And no, the default rotation should not be set to 90°, as that is not expected behavior either.


Personally, I was fine with the Rhino 7 behavior and I’m not 100% used to the current, Rhino 8, behavior even though that has been like this for several months now. If “everyone” (another 100+ users?) chimes in and says that v7 was better…

There was an overwhelming consensus that the grid style view needed to go away in favor of a more ui space friendly drop down (see hatch properties panel). The hatch creation dialog hasn’t been updated yet with the new drop down like hatch properties and section styles have been. However, the rotation in the old grid on the hatch creation dialog was updated so that it would match the new hatch drop down picker until it was replaced.

When the hatches are drawn at 0 degrees in the drop downs there are several that seemed really hard to read without some rotation value. We played with 0 / 45 / 90 and all felt like 90 was the winner but realize there’s a disconnect from the orientation to the viewport. We knew this would be alarming to some so there’s likely some more experimenting to do to find the right balance for everyone before v8 ships.

Ultimately we’re just looking to get those big pieces of UI that are dated and space consuming out of the way so we reduce space and add more features in the real estate they consumed.